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Welcome to Reveal Business Software

High quality, cost-effective web site design and software development for Midlands-based companies and agencies.

Quick solutions to your requirements using a range of reliable technologies including PHP, MySQL, C#, SQL Server and Javascript, all to the latest W3C standards.

We work for clients covering the entire Midlands including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Birmingham.

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Solutions for fast-growing businesses

Our site management software allows us to rapidly deploy web pages and content for all kinds of customers, from a simple site with a few pages to large multi-sites serving 10's, 100's or even 1000's of locations.

This efficient approach lets you focus on building your business, rapidly adding templated or bespoke content as you expand into new locations and markets – ideal for franchises, local authorities and multi-site retail.

Hundreds of locations can be updated immediately, with changes targeted at single sites, particular areas or all your outlets in a single pass. Users can also log in to a portal to make changes to the sites under their control.

Business intelligence at your fingertips

You click a button, and see all your customers' locations throughout the country plotted live on Google maps. A few clicks on the map later you have scheduled a member of staff to visit three of them in one day. Minutes later the app on their mobile shows their itinerary and visual route.

Sounds complicated and expensive? Think again – we use proven technology that makes you more productive without us needing to reinvent the wheel.

Facebook promotions that entertain & attract new business

Facebook is an essential communication tool for some businesses and we can help with an update of your profile graphics, right through to competitions on either Facebook or mobile platforms that help build engagement with your audience.

We can work either direct to customer or via agencies – promotions like this are a cost effective addition to a wider marketing strategy and can be a significant driver of new business. Give us a shout to find out more.

Mobile apps that keep you connected with customers

Imagine having information for all your outlets and customers on the move, and being able to update your business data at the press of a button. Our current clients use our apps to seamlessly report back to the office, including accurate GPS information.

We can build apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones and tablets using the latest multi-platform technology, combining the convenience of mobile apps with the availability of the web. Contact us to discuss how this can help your business.