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Mobile apps for agile companies

Imagine if your workforce could instantly pick up their latest appointments and client data on the road without time-consuming phone calls, emails and print-outs, and report back the results of their latest meeting at the press of a button. Reveal can integrate your business database with an app that can be installed on your company phones whether they are Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows based, giving you a cost-effective mobile data solution without needing a separate app for each platform.

Our clients use our apps to co-ordinate appointments and meetings for hundreds of staff, the phones being synchronised automatically from a central database at the office. Updates to the planned schedule for staff can be instantly transmitted and seen on their phones or tablets – this saves hundreds of hours a year in administration, itineraries no longer needing to be manually distributed. As well as text data, you can view a map of the exact location of the target location and any points of interest, as well as access driving directions on GPS-enabled devices. 

Live data from staff on the road

Users can also send back dynamic data from their appointments at the press of a button – particularly useful where engineers are taking readings from equipment. GPS data from their phones can also be integrated, allowing you to follow their progress around client sites and improving safety in lone-working scenarios. Management information can also be collated into elegant reports on mobile devices, allowing remote presentations and reporting. The apps use web presentation technology allowing to rapidly update the information you can access as your requirements change. 

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