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Bespoke programs for Windows

There is a bewildering array of off-the-shelf software available for the modern business, from contact management to accounting, vehicle tracking, and appointment scheduling. These work well enough in simple scenarios, but have you ever considered having software designed exactly for the way you work?

If you find your day taken up with repetitive administrative tasks then having a Windows application designed especially for your business could quickly pay for itself in saved time alone. This can be installed on multiple machines across your network and run on a central SQL server database, allowing all your staff access to the latest business data without needing to email documents and spreadsheets about, saving your organisation more time and money.

Imagine you need to create a quote and send it to a customer...

At the moment you might have a standard Word document which you need to amend with the customers details, manually add the variables of the quote, calculate the total, check it, print it and post it. How many of those can you do in a day?

With a bespoke system from Reveal you could just select your customer, open a screen which lets you dynamically amend all the variables for the quote, preview a headed document with all that information neatly formatted and then click a button that opens a standard email to the customer with your quote already attached as a PDF. Click send, and you are done.

Multiply the time savings by the number of quotes you produce in a year, and think how cost-effective that system could be. All your business rules and procedures can be coded directly in to the system, helping to prevent procedural errors and dramatically reducing administrative time.

Dynamic data for dynamic companies

Your data doesn't just sit on the database – we want it to work for you. Your people on the road can have immediate access to their schedule with the latest customer data at their fingertips. No more last-minute emails or scribbling on a pad with a phone at their ear. What data goes where in what format is entirely up to you.

We find Google maps to be a superb way to visualise what type of customers are where, letting you plan your marketing and customer support strategies quickly and efficiently. The current status of customers and their premises can be represented with dynamic icons, letting you quickly identify issues and opportunities, and the most efficient way to address them.

If you have vehicle tracking, we can add this in real time to the same map, so you can see where your vehicles are relative to your orders for that day. We can even use the GPS of your staff members' phones to identify where they are when on the job, ideal for monitoring their safety in lone-working situations.

Cut costs. Reduce overhead.

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